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Here at the Law-OC, we attempt to provide you with multiple outlets of information.

One of the ways which we contribute to your education is by providing links to other valuable sites. These contain additional information for you to peruse and enjoy.

    California Resources

    California Courts

    Orange County Superior Court

    Find California Code - A searchable index of the California State Constitution and Statutes.

    State Bar of California - Essential information and resources for California lawyers. - California

    California Legal Resources

    Orange County Public Defenders Office

    Helpful Resources

    MegaLaw - California Criminal Law - Cafe Law is committed to helping you better understand legal issues you may encounter through free legal information

    Law & Politics Internet Guide - Law and Politics is dedicated to finding the most informative and current law related resources on the Internet.

    Claim Information - Assisting both consumers and businesses with important claims.

    Fugitive Recovery - Providing services to the industry including Bail Bondsman, Fugitive Apprehension, Bail Recovery and Bond Enforcement Agencies. - Orange County

    DUI Law and Links

    California's drunk driving law: Vehicle Code section 23152

    Alcohol and the human body

    Library Resources on the Web

    Internet Legal Resource Guide - Step into this legal TARDIS and let it direct you through the noise and confusion of the Paper maze.

    USC Law School and Law Library - Helen and Tommy, the fine tradition of Troy, have put forth a Herculean effort in reflecting the spirit and dedication of the USC law school on-line.

    UCLA School of Law - The Blue Meanies would shout in pure jubilation in the bearish pursuit of perfection in this meticulously manicured site.

    The 'Lectric Law Library - Cyberspace's Alex Trabex, Ralf, has collected and organized valuable legal information for both the practicing lawyer and the non-lawyer. In addition, Samuel Clemens would be envious of legal humor packed into this site.

    CourtTV Home Page No courtroom junkie should be without a hit on this site.

    Federal And International Resources on the Web

    Federal Law Resources
    United States Code - Search the entire United States Code for every relevant or tip bit piece of law followed, hopefully, by every single United States Federal Court. Educate yourself or another on fascinating spectrum of Fourth Amendment Law embodied within the Code.

    Thomas: Legislative Information on the Internet - Courious about how one those really bizarre laws were passed, the ones that don't seem to make any sense at all? Come over here for visit and sit down, prop your feet up and actually read about real reasons, rationales, and best of all, the actual words of your elected official. Thomas Paine would be proud of this informative address. Good fun!

    Office of the Law Revision Counsel

    FindLaw: Supreme Court - Searchable database of Supreme Court decisions since 1906.

    National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers - Legislative alerts, news updates and a members only forum for criminal defense lawyers.

    United Nations Home Page - The modern marketplace of ideas of the globe now extends its limited boundaries of the Upper East side to your living room. Climb in and learn about the laws, politics, crime and many other interesting facets of the countries beyond the Pacific.

    Organization of American States - Ever wonder about our geographical neighbors to the South or North? How is it that the trade barriers are tumbling like the walls of Jericho? Stop and see what it means to a member of the OAS.
Note: The absence of a link from an entry indicates we are unaware of an open (non-fee) Net site providing that information. The resources on the Internet are changing rapidly. If you discover a relevant site to which we should link or find that one of these links does not work, do let us know!

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